The Sanity behind the MADNESS!

Everyday is entirely different! Everyday I wake up, having a plan! Everyday, I start my plan, and it immediately changes!!! Who else feels like this is their life?

I go to sleep the night before, playing a list of goals and ‘to dos’ in my head. Sometimes I sleep well, sometimes I toss and turn all night, thinking about the tiny aspects of tomorrow. Others I stay up all night stressing over the things I can not change. Well knowing and believing the saying ‘why worry about the things that COULD happen, when they have yet to happen’! Still trying to figure out how to shut my brain off. Does anyone have a cure for this YET??

My name is Brittney. Owner, creator, living being of what Mad Batter Café & Bakery is. My world is crazy, fun, inspiring, with so many doors open, and never boring; yet it is also lonely, exhausting, overwhelming, and just plain stressful. Owning a business has so many pros and so many cons.

Here is a little insight to my world…


What keeps me going????

Food! Eating good food! Creating good food!

When you tell me that the food you are served, it sooo good, and you can tell that we love food and care about it. It takes every negative emotion, every negative thought, every frustration out of me, and truly puts a tear to my eye!


How do I come up with my Menu items???

Two simple answers:

I eat out- There are two types of people… the ‘live to eat’ and ‘ eat to live’. I am entirely the ‘live to eat’ person. Every place I go to is based on either two things, type of food, or type of drinks. When I find a place that inspires me and fits both of those, it is just a magical place for creating new ideas.

I research A LOT!- Lets make something VERY clear first! There is A LOT I do NOT know. I do not know every culinary terminology, I don’t know what the basis of all sauces are. I don’t even like a lot of food. BUT- I do like to create things from different things. I will take a meal I had somewhere, and one element of the dish, will make me think of incorporating it into another dish. Sometimes, it just takes one thing to create an entire menu.

I google things, I look up random keywords, random ‘menu’ and look through hundreds of pictures to just see one menu description that I just run with.

If you know how to tell when you are inspired, then you can know when to channel it into something bigger and better. I feel that I know myself in that regards. I know what environment fuels me, I know what I like to drink, what I like to eat. I know that I have to be in my own company in order to truly be able to bring out the ideas that will go somewhere.


I am by NO means alone in what I do!

I feel that every person comes into your life for a reason. I also feel that not everyone is meant to be in your life forever; some people have an expiration date in relevance to your life. But each and every person will teach you something. Even just one tiny thing! Every person that has worked in my café, or interned with me has imputed some aspect of themselves into our menu or desserts.

The first cook we hired, she created our well known breakfast burrito. One of our dishwashers came up with our XL. And pretty much every cook we have had has created one or more of the menu items we have offered on our menu.


Thank you for each and every person who has touched my life! Without even knowing you have been an inspiration to me. And Thank you for each person who will come into my life! I am grateful for the opportunities and new way of thinking that you will bring.


XoXo Brittney